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Concert FAQ (english)

Aktualisiert: 28. Juli 2020

All information so far is related to how things have worked in recent years. As soon as official information is available, it will be updated or added.

When are the concerts in Europe?

- July 3rd & 4th - London (Twickenham Stadium)

- July 8th - Rotterdam (Feyenoord Stadium)

- July 11th & 12th - Berlin (Olympic Stadium)

- July 17th & 18th - Barcelona (Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys)

Where can the tickets for the concerts can be bought?

- Ticketmaster ( there is a German FAQ but I couldn't find an English version )

- Eventim

- On the website of the stadium (not sure yet) *

- At the ticket counter (not sure yet) *

* The asterisk and the text "not sure yet" refers to what was possible over the years before. We don‘t know whether this will be the case again or not. We strongly assume that the tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

What types of tickets can I get?

- Upper-tier (the cheapest price)

- Lower-tier (normal to expensive price, depending on the area/place)

- Floor (expensive)

- VIP ( [floor] the most expensive variant that includes a soundcheck) <The Us & Canada have 2 types of VIP tickets. Gold and Silver>

How many tickets can I buy?

A purchase can‘t contain more than 4 tickets, this is the limit of Ticketmaster. How often you buy 4 tickets is up to you.

Ticketmaster and many other official Ticketproviders allow a maximum of 4 tickets for the same concert per customer/account. All tickets above that limit of 4 will afterwards automatically get cancelled by the Ticketprovider, which also can result in that all purchased tickets from this person/account can get cancelled. You can buy the 4 tickets together or individually. Different days of purchases are also okay. The limit of 4 tickets per person/account for the same concert is the decisive factor, not when exactly you bought the tickets and how many at the same time.

When will the sale start?

Unfortunately, we don‘t have any information on this yet!

How are the different tickets offered?

In the past, a total of 4 options were offered on -> 2 options per day. In one option you could find the Floor, Lower tier and Upper Tier tickets up to senior tickets and in the other option there were only VIP tickets (with soundcheck). You cannot open both options at the same time, so it is helpful to think about which ticket you want to buy beforehand.

How can I pay for my tickets?

The following payment methods are offered on Ticketmaster:

- Credit card

- Instant bank transfer

- Bank transfer

- On Bill

- PayPal

The last time you could only use the credit at Ticketmaster.

What is the Soundcheck (VIP)?

Until now, the soundcheck could always be purchased via Ticketmaster like a normal ticket.

Since the last Tour you get a assigned seat on the floor near the stage.

Soundcheck will be mostly 2-3 hours BEFORE the start oft he concert, but you have to be there even earlier to “check-in“. The exact times, full instructions and a map of the important locations will be emailed to you within 3 to 5 days before the concert. Once you arrive to the venue the event staff will give you your laminate, lanyard and a special bracelet with a number on it.

You must be there until a certain time to “check-in“, so please don’t be late!

To get all your VIP/Soundcheck stuff and your number for the Soundcheck, the ORIGINAL purchaser of the ticket has to bring a valid photo ID and the valid ticket.

If you aren’t the original purchaser of your ticket then you have to bring a special power of attorney. You can get this on the ticket website a few days before the concert.

In this power of attorney has to be the full and correct address of the original buyer and your complete and correct address. In addition to that, a copy of the front and back of the photo ID card from the original buyer has to be included as well.

It is strict to prevent expensive resales of tickets and also to avoid ticket fraud.

After a long waiting period you have to sort yourself according to your number. Afterwards you will be accompanied in small groups one after another into the arena/stadium and then you have to sit down at your assigned seat.

The boys then rehearse about 3 songs, which aren‘t always in full length. Everything goes by very quickly. Please keep in mind it is a REHEARSAL and therefore there are only a few small interactions between the guys and ARMYs, it has nothing to do with a ‘Meet and Greet‘ nor a ‘Q&A‘!

Photography, recording, or taping are strictly prohibited during soundcheck, regardless with which recording equipment (like video cameras, phones). In Berlin I had to put my cell phone in a plastic bag.

If you don‘t accept the rules and you still try to do recordings, you will be expelled from the arena/stadium by the security and will not be allowed to come back for the concert itself!!! Discussions are pointless here and you will not get your money back!!!

During the normal concert it was mostly allowed to record with the cell phone.

After the soundcheck, you can go to your own seat (number written on your VIP ticket). It was like that at the stadium concerts. In Berlin 2018, you had to sit on the floor and wait for the concert to continue (2-3 hours later).

At the stadium concerts you can buy food after the soundcheck and also go to the toilet.

What can I take with me into the venue/stadion?

The organizers will publish this regarding even more precise things.

- In most cases, a bag is allowed that is no larger than A4.

- A power bank that is not larger than 10 x 10 cm.

- No sharp objects

- No liquids

Do we also have the membership presale for Germany like the US?

We still have no information if we will also get the membership presale for Europe / Germany. If you want to participate in the membership presale it is required that you have bought the membership in Weply for 30$ plus shipping. The membership is valid for one year, after that you have to renew your membership. If you bought the membership please make sure that your address and name is exactly the same as on your ID or passport. If everything worked correctly you can access your membership via Weverse. Click on the "Only" section to see your membership-card. On the card, you can find a code that starts with BA. Otherwise, you can look for your order number on Weply. Open Weply and go to your orders. Scroll down until you find your order for the membership. You should see a long number after the word "order number". This is your order number. You will need one of these codes to verify on Ticketmaster that you are an official fan. Click the Button "Offical Fanclub ARMY" on Ticketmaster to register yourself for the presale. The presale starts 2 days ahead of the normal sale. You will find a text in the FAQs from Ticketmaster that the membership does not lead automatically give you tickets. They only have a certain number of tickets for the presale. The rule is first come, first served. You are not allowed to buy more than 2 tickets in the presale.

I can't buy or have problems to buy the Weply/Weverse membership for BTS, what can I do?

Please use the 1:1 support form Weply and write your issue in english. The support tries to help out the best they can. Currently, there are long waiting periods because of the high demand for support.

How big is the Olympiastadion?

The Olympiastadion has 74.475 seats. 38.020 seats lower-tier and 36.455 seats upper-tier.

Because of the stage not all seats can be used, but there will be floor seat for normal tickets and VIP tickets.

How old do I have to be to go to a concert?

In the FAQs from the Mercedes Benz Arena (BTS concert 2018) it is written: If you’re younger than 16, you need to be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) who is either a Custodial Person or has been named a Person with Parental Power. The accompanying person must have a valid ticket for the event and you must enter the arena together. The person with parental power or custodial person can only accompany a max. of 4 children and adolescents under the age of 16. The adult may have a ticket for a different seating area though (exception: Premium / VIP /standing tickets). Parents / legal guardians can appoint someone else (friends, sisters/brothers, etc.) to act as a Custodial Person for the event. Find more information here:

VIP / FLoor standing: Children between 12 and 15 may enter the standing area, but must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over who is a Custodial Person or has been named a Person with Parental Power. In the case of standing tickets, the accompanying adult MUST have a standing ticket as well and may not sit in a different area of the arena. Children under 12 may not enter the standing area at all. Fans who are 16 years or older may enter the standing area on their own.

How fast did the concert sell out?

It took allegedly 9 minutes until the arena was sold out.

Prices of the concerts in the Mercedes Benz Arena (2018 / Love Yourself):

Please keep in mind that the prices are not valid any more. Also this time the concerts are in a stadium.

Prices for the US & Canada:

Direction and location:

Use Google maps to plan your journey.

The house rules of the Olympiastadion Berlin


  1. Every visitor to the stadium grounds will follow all instructions of security personnel. The visitor will present his/her ticket to security personnel or police when entering the property. Non-compliance with security personnel or police will lead to refusal of entry. The validity and use of tickets can be found in the ticketing conditions of each event’s organiser.

  2. Security personnel is authorized by the event organiser to deny entry to those persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol, those carrying weapons or other dangerous materials, or those persons presenting a risk to the security of other visitors or the stadium; with the help of technical equipment. Security personnel are allowed to search those persons’ clothes and belongings if the aforementioned person agrees to the search. Technical equipment may also be used to search people and belongings.

  3. Those persons who cannot present entry authorization, those persons who present a risk to the security of other visitors or the stadium and/or those persons who do not follow instructions of security personnel or police are to be denied entry and hindered from attempting to enter the stadium. This also applies to those persons who have been issued a national or international stadium entry denial. These aforementioned persons do not have a right of reimbursement for entry fees.


1. If not authorised by the stadium operating company (OSta BG) and the event organiser, no persons will be allowed to carry the following objects with them on stadium grounds:

a. Racist, Nazi or political propaganda material;

b. Weapons of all sorts;

c. Things and objects that can be used as weapons or throwing objects;

d. Gas spraying cans, corrosive, flammable, colouring substances, or containers with substances that are a danger to health or are easily flammable. Exceptions are regular lighters.

e. Bottles (including PET and plastic bottles), cups, cans or other objects that are made of glass or another breakable, splintering or especially hard material (non-alcoholic beverages may be brought on stadium grounds in beverage cartons up to 0.25 liters capacity) ;

f. Bulky objects such as ladders, stools, (folding) chairs, boxes, big bags, backpacks, suitcases;

g. Fireworks, flares, smoke powder, smoke grenades or other pyrotechnical objects;

h. Flag or sign poles measuring more than 1 metre in length or 3 centimetres in diameter as well as what is known as two-pole banners; (the material of any flags and banners brought along, and admitted, respectively, must be classified as „hardly inflammable”);

i. Large quantities of paper or paper rolls;

j. Mechanically or electronically operating noisemakers such as megaphones and air horns;

k. Alcohol or drinks containing alcohol;

l. Animals;

m. Laser pointer;

n. Reflex cameras and other photo cameras with detachable zoom lenses, video cameras or other sound and picture recording devices (unless with prior approval from the organizer);

o. All devices used to transmit or distribute sounds, pictures, descriptions or event results over the internet or other mediums;

p. Any advertising, commercial, political or religious objects including banners, signs, symbols and handbills.

2. If not otherwise authorized by the stadium operating company (OSta BG) and the event organiser, no person will be allowed to:

a. Enter the stadium infield or the pitch;

b. Distribute, express or display political, racist or Nazi propaganda, actions or emblems;

c. Climbing on or over and crossing facades, fences, walls, lighting poles, camera stands, trees, poles of any kind and roofs as well as any other climbable object;

d. Enter any area (i.e. function rooms, VIP-areas, media and press areas, etc.) not accessible to the general public or that no entry authorization can be presented for;

e. Throw objects of any kind, spill any kind of fluids, especially if an action takes place toward other persons or the infield or pitch;

f. Ignite fire, fireworks, flares, smoke powder, smoke grenades or other pyrotechnical objects;

g. Sell merchandise, other objects or tickets, distribute printed materials or collect things;

h. Draw, write, or place stickers on anything on the property;

i. Urinate or defecate in any area not specified as bathrooms or toilets, pollute the property through throwing away of any object – trash, packaging, empty containers, etc.;

j. Restrict or impair foot and motorized traffic lanes, entrances and exits to the spectator areas and emergency exits;

k. Stand on the seats in the blocks;

l. Transmit, distribute or record sounds, pictures, descriptions or event results (unless for personal use) over the internet or other mediums or to support other persons in doing so;

m. Commercially distribute pictures or photographs taken on the property.

3. Any unauthorized entry to the infield or pitch will be handled as follows (§ 6 Article. 2a):

a. The stadium operating company (OSta BG) or the respective event organiser will raise a complaint to prosecute any act of breach of the peace of the house pursuant to Section 123 of the German Criminal Code.

b. The stadium visitor will be ejected from the current event or game and will leave the property immediately.

c. The stadium visitor will pay a fee of 1.000 € to the stadium operating company (OSta BG) or the event organiser. This fee does not include any damage to persons or property.

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